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Update, October 30th, 2002: Greetings. This page is very old, but I will still keep it here. --Mark

I now own the rights to The Perfect General!

Please check out the story here.

This page contains links to homemade scenarios for the Original Version of The Perfect General. These scenarios were made possible by a shareware (now freeware) editor program for TPG that I wrote.
With the editor, you can make/create maps, and control all of the aspects of a scenario. You are also able to create your own new terrain features.

This is what this page has to offer:

Perfect General Scenarios

File NameScenario NameComments
BULGE.ZIP The Battle of the BulgeVery Large
CENTER.ZIP The Battle For CenterVilleUrban Struggle in Downtown
GETTYS.ZIP Gettysburg MapModelled After SPI's TSS Map, not a real scenario yet, very big
HOFF.ZIP Battle of HoffenburgSmall, Evenly Matched Battle
MIND.ZIP Minding My Own BusinessInvasion Scenario
OASIS.ZIP OasisLarge Battle for Center Control
TPGSCE.ZIP Ice Station Zebra/Got To Get AcrossTwo Scenarios with New Terrain
YEAST.ZIP Battle of YeastvilleAnother Urban Fight

How to add Homemade Scenarios

We will assume your drive containing your Perfect General program is 'C:\GENERAL .
Follow these steps:
  • Make a directory on your drive called "C:\SCENARIO".
  • Place the New Scenario Files in that directory. (C:\SCENARIO)
  • Copy the file MAPICONS.VGA from the C:\GENERAL\SCENARIO directory to the directory you created.
  • Start the game normally.
  • At Scenario Selection Time, pick "New Scenario Disk".
  • Enter the drive name. (C:\)
  • Good Luck and Have Fun.

You can also place them in the C:\GENERAL\SCENARIO directory, but you must delete the "SCENARIO.INX" file in the directory you have added the new scenarios each time you add scenarios. This file is recreated if it is not there and contains a listing of all the scenarios in that directory. See the document that comes with the editor for more details.

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