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Additional Changes and Features For
Empire Deluxe: Internet Edition

Release Date: Released May, 2003

Multi Player Support:

  • IP address Playable for all players (100%)
  • Players can switch between PBM games and other game types (100%)
  • Better chat messaging interface (100%)
  • Players can remain connected and chat after loss (100%)
  • Players can "abdicate", turning control over to a computer player (100%)

    Graphical Enhancements

  • New Terrain Graphics (100 %)
  • Users are able to change terrain graphics (100%)
  • Users are able to change unit sets (100%)
  • Users are able to change Player Colors (100%)
  • Users are able to change explosion icons (100%)
  • City Graphics change with Production Efficiency Changes (100%)
  • Users can select player colors and unit sets for their local setup (100%)

    General New Features

  • 32 bit application that works on Modern Day Microsoft Operating Systems (100%)
  • City no production efficiency trigger at a given percentage (100%)
  • Type in exact handicap percentages (100%)
  • User settable zoom sizes (100%)
  • Damaged Ships will awaken from Sentry when Fully Repaired (100%)
  • Movement Paths do not have to start in cities (100%)
  • Optional MessageBox before extending an aircraft beyond its range (100%)
  • User may switch service branches in player history (100%)
  • Additional statistics in status report (100%)
  • Additional statistics in player history (100%)
  • Allow larger map sizes (100%)
  • Allow more cities (100%)
  • save game processing for skipped turns (100%) *
  • Movement waypoints (100%)

    Map Editor

  • Ability to convert version 3.1x maps and scenarios (100%)
  • Users can set a city range and number for randomized map (100%)
  • Users can set a land to water ratio for randomized maps (100%) *
  • Users can set and rough to green ratio for randomized maps (100%) *
  • Users can set a mountain to lowland ration for randomized maps (100%) *
  • Symmetrical maps slicing (100%)
  • City shakeup, randomly move cities 0-X squares from current location (100%)
  • Users can create their own DLL's for map creation (100%)


  • Users are able to change all sounds in the game with other .wav files (100%)

    Old Bugs To Be Fixed

  • Neutral cities reveal capture - fixed as an option (100%)
  • Combat jumps to location in a lan game - make an option (100%)
  • Resignation cheat for PBEM (100%)
  • Infinite air endurance bug (100%)
  • Polar land icons on clear (100%)
  • Aircraft Carrier on land bug (100%)
  • Random number generator issues (100%) *
  • Secure startup for PBEM (100%)
  • Long city names will not crash system (100%)
  • Units revealed on Transport if plane or unit over transport makes an attack (100%)
  • Player movement paths/states saved in a multi player game (100%)

    For additional BUGS needing squashing or features, post your comments in the forum for consideration and discussion.

    Proposed Features Scrapped Due to Various Issues

  • Microsoft Direct Play support (0%)
  • Master Server Reassignment in a game (0%)
  • Add more players (0%)
  • In game mail for PBEM (0%)
  • Recording a game and playback(0%) *
  • Shift+arrow movement keystroke moves a unit multiple squares instead of one (0%)

    What was in the old game that is NOT going to be the same?

  • No animation for victory and defeat, or for unit/terrain info
  • No COM port or MODEM support
  • No remote slave pass through capability
  • No password protection for running the game
  • No Econfig.exe
  • No utility to convert Interstel Empire (version 2.x) Maps
  • No Water Color Cycling

    * Notes

    * Random Number Generator: Was examined but no action has been needed yet. Appears to be working adequately. See status report dated Feb. 25 for more details.

    * World Building Options: Since the old source base is being used to generate a world, tweaking of these parameters may not produce the results you intended.

    * Recording a Game and Playback: States of a player's turn may be saved to file at anytime during active turn.

    * Save game processing for skipped turns: This feature removed due to security concerns.

    2018 Killer Bee Software