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Last Updated December 13, 2002

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I now own the rights to Empire Deluxe!

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Empire Stuff

Currently, all maps and scenarios are available HERE You will have to browse yourself. Though the descriptions of some scenarios are below.

  • We have Maps and Scenarios , and recent uploads.

    Here is the list of items:

    No Description:



    Here are the scenarios I have acquired for your enjoyment.

    ED Scenario Files

    File Name # of Players Comments Date Added
    BIGCITY.ZIP 6 Players: Some Large Urban Areas 03-01-97
    CQSCNS.ZIP 2 or 4 Players: 4 Interesting Twists on the same map.03-01-97
    ISLEHOP.ZIP 2 Players: Island Scenrios (2) on the same map03-01-97
    OZ.ZIP 6 Players: Interesting Map03-01-97
    PLANKILL.ZIP 2 Players: Defend against an invasion 03-01-97
    SIXPACK.ZIP 6 Players: six Play on an even map. 03-01-97
    SPHERES.ZIP 2+ Players: A creative map file hack 03-01-97
    ALN_INV.ZIP 2 Players: Alien Invasion Scenario 11-2-96
    DEVISL.ZIP 2 Players: Short Even Game 11-2-96
    KING-MTN.ZIP 4 Players: Go For The Center 11-2-96
    USA-REVO.ZIP 2 Players: The British Are Coming 11-2-96
    WW2TNW.ZIP 3 Players: Russians and Germans Ally in WWII 11-2-96
    JIM5.ZIP 4 Players: Modified Earth Scenario 11-2-96
    BARSOM.ZIP MultiWarlords From Mars Collecion11-2-96
    CIVILWAR.ZIP 2 Players: Classic battle of the Blue and the Red (sic) 9-6-96
    AZ-CAL.ZIP 2 Players: 2 States struggle over Colorado River9-6-96
    EUROPA.ZIP 6 Players: Map of Europe Carefully Made 05-14-96
    WW2-1941.ZIP 5 Players: Uses different World Map05-14-96
    WW3-1994.ZIP 6 Players: Uses different World Map, 1994 statistics05-14-96
    COLDWAR.ZIP 6 Players: WWIII turns hot in Europe11-25-95
    DWHITE.ZIP 2/4 Players: Two Scenarios by Dave White 9-26-95
    QPROMOTE.ZIP Six Players: Quick Promotion Scenario 9-26-95
    RAM_2PLR.ZIP Two Players: Nice Small Map by Rob McKnight 8-5-95
    BRITISH.ZIP Six Players: Uses World Map 8-5-95
    CANAL2.ZIP Two Players: Small Map 8-5-95
    HEXAGON6.ZIP Six Players: Excellent Matt Clouser Scenario 8-5-95
    NAPOLN.ZIP Six Players: Napoleon takes on the world 8-5-95
    OCEAN2.ZIP Two Players: 2 continent Slugfest 8-5-95
    SEALION2.ZIP Two Players: Small Scenario for fast modem play 8-5-95
    SMALL6.ZIP Six Players: Excellent Matt Clouser Scenario-A Challenge solo 8-5-95
    ALEX.ZIP Three Players: Greeks and Persians fight it out almost 2500 years ago 7-22-95
    ATOLL.ZIP Three Players: Meant for solitaire play I believe 7-22-95
    CHEBAY.ZIP Three Players: Two like scenarios, one designed for solitaire, one for PBEM by S.Barker 7-22-95
    DDAY.ZIP Two Players: Invasion of Normandie 7-22-95
    HEW-FA.ZIP Two Players: A Simple Map 7-22-95
    MIDKEMIA.ZIP Five Players: Large Map with very few cities 7-22-95
    STALINGR.ZIP Six Players: This is the whole Eastern Front in WWII 7-22-95
    THELAKES.ZIP Five Players: Steve Barker visits the Great Lakes of the USA 7-22-95
    WW2-WE.ZIP Five Players: This is the Weatern Front in WWII 7-22-95
    WWIII.ZIP Six Players: World War Three 7-22-95
    WWIII_1.ZIP Six Players: WWIII with a twist 7-22-95
    EDPERSIA.ZIP Two Players: Steve Barker does Iraq/Saudi Arabia 7-18-95
    RAISIN.ZIP Three Players: Big map, very spread out 7-18-95
    SPIRAL4.ZIP Four Players: Nice Map 7-18-95
    SWIFT1.ZIP Two Players: Quick, small map 7-18-95
    TECTON6.ZIP Six Players: Based on a Battles of Destiny (QQP) Scenario 7-18-95
    3RDR_3P.ZIP Three Players:3rd Reich Scenario 7-17-95
    4-PLAY.ZIP Four Players: Interesting Looking Map 7-17-95
    6FLEETS.ZIP Six Players:Looks like a nice challenge 7-17-95
    ABBA.ZIP Four Players:My favorite Scenario. By Steve Barker 7-17-95
    AEGEAN.ZIP Two Players: Steve Barker made a Greecian Map 7-17-95
    AIRBUCKS.ZIP Two Players: A silly scenario I think I wrote 7-17-95
    BLITZKRG.ZIP Two Players: Modelled after the Avalon Hill Game 7-17-95
    BOOM.ZIP Two Players: Small, Naval Conflict 7-17-95
    CGWTR2-3.ZIP Three Players:Changes made to the CGW Tourney Scenario During the Tournament 7-17-95
    CHINA.ZIP Six Players: Steve Barker makes a map of China 7-17-95
    DORK.ZIP Two Players: The computer player fights back 7-17-95
    DRAKA.ZIP Five Players: WWII theme 7-17-95
    DUNE.ZIP Two Players: Conquer the desert planet 7-17-95
    ESTMEDPL.ZIP Six Players:Eastern Med. 7-17-95
    GARISLES.ZIP Two Players: One I pulled off the Internet 7-17-95
    ISRAEL.ZIP Two Players: Middle-East War, small map 7-17-95
    KOREA.ZIP Two Players: A little police action, small map 7-17-95
    LOWTECH.ZIP Four Players: Empire Deluxe in olden days 7-17-95
    OVALOCEN.ZIP Six Players: Beautiful big map 7-17-95
    NEWVENUS.ZIP Six Players: Conquer your sister planet, based on satellite maps 7-17-95
    MEGA2.ZIP Two Players: Variation on Will's Scenario 7-17-95
    PIGS.ZIP Two Players: Get Mr. Castro for the CIA 7-17-95
    TACTICS2.ZIP Two Players: Based on the AH wargame 7-17-95
    TREKCLAS.ZIP Six Players: Star Trek world, very well done and a good solo challenge 7-17-95
    TREKNXGN.ZIP Six Players: Star Trek, TNG world 7-17-95
    VENUS01.ZIP Two Players: First Version of Satellite Research map 7-17-95
    VIETNAM.ZIP Two Players: Rumble in the Jungle 7-17-95
    VMARINIS.ZIP Six Players: Conquer your brother planet, based on a Satellite map 7-17-95
    YELOWSEA.ZIP Three Players: Nice Map of Korea, coastal China 7-17-95


    Here are the maps I have acquired for your enjoyment.

    Maps from the Scenarios listed above are not in this table (mostly), just pull them from the scenarios.

    ED Map Files

    File NameRowsXColumns #CitiesWrap? Comments Date Added
    DSRTWLD1.ZIP 40x80 48 Yes Desert World Map 11-2-96
    DSRTWLD2.ZIP 50x100 76 Yes Desert World Map 11-2-96
    SOUP.ZIP 150x200 200 Yes Several big land masses 11-2-96
    TROKAR.ZIP 40x60 36 Yes Intersting, Small Map 9-6-96
    POSTWW3.ZIP 72x160 131 Yes Nuclear War Did It 9-6-96
    EASTSEAB.ZIP 80x110 94 No New York/New Jersey 7-22-95
    SOUP.ZIP 150x200 200 Yes Five Continents 7-22-95
    0001.ZIP 50x115 105 Yes Randomly Generated 7-18-95
    0002.ZIP 100x100 169 Yes Randomly Generated 7-18-95
    2NAVSIX.ZIP 150x150 180 Yes Pure Naval Battle 7-18-95
    AMAZON.ZIP 60x100 85 No Classic Empire Map converted 7-18-95
    BI001.ZIP 150x200 199 Yes Lots of Water 7-18-95
    BIGSIX.ZIP 150x200 148 Yes Three continents 7-18-95
    FIVE.ZIP 60x100 78 No Interesting... 7-18-95
    INDNESIA.ZIP 90x120 37 No Indonesia 7-18-95
    ISLANDIA.ZIP 80x65 30 No Based on a Warlords 7-18-95
    LANDS3.ZIP 60x100 61 Yes Three Continents 7-18-95
    M32X64.ZIP 32x64 39 No Several Islands 7-18-95
    MED.ZIP 142x200 198 No Low Scale Mediterranian 7-18-95
    MEDITERN.ZIP 80x120 45 No Bigger Scale Mediterranian 7-18-95
    MIDDLE.ZIP 100x75 43 No 3 Continents, one in middle 7-18-95
    NATIONS3.ZIP 50x200 43 Yes 3 Continents 7-18-95
    NAVALSIX.ZIP 150x150 130 Yes Pure Naval Battle, 6 Continents 7-18-95
    NAVALTWO.ZIP 150x150 42 Yes Pure Naval Battle, 2 Continents 7-18-95
    0RAND.ZIP 65x115 112 Yes Interesting... 7-18-95
    RLK.ZIP 60x100 33 No A map my Dad made 7-18-95
    SEASIA.ZIP 145x198 119 No Soutd East Asia 7-18-95
    SIXISLE.ZIP 50x100 68 Yes Anotder one that's interesting... 7-18-95
    STALIN.ZIP 20x20 200 Yes I made this silly one, challenge to win 7-18-95
    TMPPLTES.ZIP Various None No Somebody made these as templates 7-18-95
    VASTSEA.ZIP 60x100 64 No Big Water in the Middle 7-18-95
    BLTZKRG1.ZIP 70x128 62 No BlitzKrieg Scn Map, little foliage 7-18-95
    BLTZKRG2.ZIP 70x128 62 No BlitzKrieg Scn map, more foliage 7-18-95

    This page is dedicated to the memory of Wallace H. Steinberg.

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