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Dungeon Keeper II


What a great game Bullfrog's Dungeon Keeper II is, the DK series is one of the most imaginative and creative. Definitely a game not to be taken too seriously, but a game that will provoke thought and supply you with endless hours of entertainment. You can still pick it up in the stores. If you do not have it, go get it! It is worth playing, for sure.

My involvement in DK2 was as a fan who was disappointed the scenario editor was not released with DK2. It became apparent that it wasn't coming out anytime soon. So from my previous hacking experience, I worked out the data structures, and cranked out the compiler. It was ascii based (no time to make a gui).

Then I worked out a random map maker which used the compiler. And that proved to be quite fun.

Then there was a demand to have a Graphical Front End for the compiler. I was hesitant to do this, but the efforts underway were not showing the compiler in the best light, so I wrote the DKMapperGUI. I had help from Anthony Affrunti, a.k.a. Wydraz, who did the splash screen and all the graphical images. This gave the editor a nice look and feel, and for this I am forever grateful to him.

DKII was patched several times, and with the patching, the compiler would always get broken. It became too much of a chore to maintain it, and it was never upgraded to v1.7.

Wydraz also put a GUI to the random map editor, and called it DKMakeMap. It is included below.


  • DK2MapperGUI.exe - the graphical front end to the compiler, has been retired. The in-house editor used by Bullfrog is available, and I recommend you using that for your editor needs. Check the links section.

  • - this is the set of tools to make a random map. The zip is made up of the GUI, the compiler, and the random generator. I have upgraded the compiler to include the MAIDEN and the Jack-In-The-Box trap (from v 1.7)


  • Keeper Klan Forum   (they have amps and other downloads)
  • Keepers of The Dungeon Forum
  • Ryan Underwood's DK2 file collection. Include mirrors of dead sites and files/FAQS.
  • Dungeon Keeper II Official Home (Patches and bonus Packs available)

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